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Pancake Day in Mr. Pancake

Hai everyone, today is Saturday, and I’d like to post many articles because I miss miss miss miss this blog crazily :D He3…

Pancake ! Yes, I’d like to share my first time experience eating Pancake.

I often see pancake in American movies, but never crossed of my mind to try it. Until it was my zillion times I watched “13 Going On 30” movie, starred by Jernifer Garner. I found out the pancake on that movie seems delicious. Strawberry around pancake made it colorful, and I think vanilla milk make it to be a pleasant harmony.

Jenna’s Pancake In The Morning (13 Going On 30 movie)

So, it was about 3 weeks ago I ate pancake for the first time. Maker (her real name is Novi), Nurul, Tata, and I went to Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya. Tata and Nurul have Recommended Pancake Restaurant which they’ve been there once.

Let me introduce you……

Maker :)

Nurul :)

Tata :)

Me, Me, Me ;)

Its name is Mr. Pancake. I ordered Fruit Pancake, Maker ordered Pancake with Mango Sauce, Tata ordered her favorite Pancake, namely Choco Cheese Pancake. Nurul was different from us, she wanted to eat rice, so she ordered Fried Rice. Besides Fruit Pancake, I also ordered Mushroom Soup. I saw the menu that it’s one of customers’ favorite menu, so I chose it.

Fruit Pancake

Mushroom Soup

Pancake with Mango Sauce

Choco Cheese Pancake

Fried Rice

Because it was my first try, actually I didn’t like it at all, so does Maker. I said “I think Surabi has better taste than it”. And Maker who also had her first try eat Pancake is agree with me. We think it’s because one of the ingredient is milk, not coconut milk. But, I saw Tata ate it well until there was no the rest on the plate. We think it’s because Tata’s have so much topping so the Pancake is less real-taste. And, next time I’d like to try Pancake, that ordered by Tata.

Hopp !!! Hahaha… This picture makes me guffaw :D

Sweet Moments… :)

From all of us, who ate the menu well is only Tata and Nurul. Maker and I gave up to our Pancake. But…. I love my Mushroom soup so much ! :D What about the bread ? Well, it was too tough to be bitten and too much garlic on it. Anyway, I give my two thumbs for Mushroom Soup and Fried Rice (Maker, Tata, and I tried Nurul’s fried rice :D) Everything about Fried Rice on the plate is so delicious :)

For the drink, I ordered English Breakfast Tea that has the same taste with general tea +.+ Ice Lychee with Lychee Fruit on it that has the same taste with *BC syrup +.+ Guava Strawberry Juice that is sour +.+, and Lemon Tea.

Ice Lychee with Lychee Fruit

Guava Strawberry Juice, Lemon Tea, and English Breakfast Tea (that there is tiny orange spoon)

English Breakfast Tea : Have you heard Dilmah Tea ?

I searched Dilmah Tea on the internet. Then I found out that Dilmah is a brand of Ceylon tea. The company was founded in 1974 by Merrill J. Fernando. Merrill J. Fernando, declared his commitment to tea when in the 1950s he devoted his life to tea. Four decades later he was joined by his two sons, Dilhan and Malik (after whom he named his Dilmah Tea) who share his passion.

The Fernando family built their business around their love for tea; today Dilmah is the only vertically integrated tea company with its own tea gardens – some of Ceylon’s best estates – and state of the art printing & packaging facilities, tea packing and investments in every segment of the industry. Famous sayings of Merrill is “my family cares for your tea, from the tea nursery right to your teacup.

I read a resource that many tea experts believe Dilmah tea has a higher level of antioxidants and produces a fuller bodied, better tasting green tea. At the same time, what many consumers don’t know is that from the day tea is harvested; its quality and antioxidant levels begin to decline. Because Dilmah Tea is from a single origin, Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon, hence Ceylon Tea), which is considered the best source, they uniquely pack their tea within a few weeks after harvesting.

Dilmah Tea is not only having  a much higher quality, but also contains more antioxidants than other teas on the market. Now, Dilmah tea is available in over 92 countries including United Kingdom, Lithuania, Russia, Hungary, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Dilmah Tea is selled on various type, few of them are English Breakfast Tea and English Afternoon Tea. I have heard that English Breakfast Tea contains higher caffeine than English Afternoon Tea.

The teas used to make English Breakfast Tea is generally harvested from areas such as India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Malawi and China.

Even that, the restaurant had been visited by (if I’m not mistaken) Miss World or Miss Universe (I forgot), Miss Indonesia or Putri Indonesia (I forgot), Pay, and so on. They made such as love letter and shop owner displays them on the shelves behind Maker. The picture also is on the wall right behind of cashier.

Anyway, I’m happy finally tried Pancake. Next time, I’d like to order Choco Cheese Pancake :)

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