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Family Outing to Kaliurang, Yogyakarta

Hai.. hai.. I wanna post another story today =) This story happened approximately 2 years ago. So long overdue, he3 =)

This family outing is not the first time, but the second. I would like to share its second because there are many photos I can share 🙂

Well, this second trip was slightly different from the previous. It was because just My Dad, Mom, Sister Shinta, and me who went to Kaliurang. My cute cousin, Nanda couldn’t go because she had to attend a test for academic civil employee. Good luck, sweetie ! 🙂 Well, this second trip, my family and I stayed in the same hotel like 2 years ago.
For one day, it was a very tiring day. It was because we took more than 12 hours to get to the hotel !!!! Firstly, when we got in Yogyakarta, my family visited my Dad’s friend. After that, we went to Auntie Ani, my Mom’s bestfriend forever. Our family were invited to her Family Event. Or I can say it was “Eating Party” ^.^ The place is so beautiful. There are cockatoo birds with feathers of various colors, huge goldfishes, turtle, small playground for the kids, and guava trees. My parents picked the red ones (the riped ones).

Because my sister and I was getting mad because we were bored of my Mom’s  too long talking with Auntie Ani when we were still at her home, so Sister Shinta and I felt so hungry. We ate almost foods those were served !! We slightly didn’t care about Auntie Ani’s Family who didn’t get the part of foods ! So mean, whereas Auntie Ani’s Family was payed all of these foods. But we were so hungry. 😦

After that, we went to the Kaliurang? NO ! We still went to my Dad’s friend’s house T.T.T to helped them serve some of foods and drinks to the other friends. *Actually it is not only my family outing, but also My Dad’s company who make holiday for the people who have retired.

It was already Isya’ time and our sweat had been dried +.+ *sorry.

Finally, the time that we’ve been waiting for is coming ! Let’s go to the hotel and take a bath ! =)

So grateful, in the middle of “Bete” mood, the trip going there made me and Sister Shinta “a little calm because there’s no heavy traffic jam. Alhamdulillah =)

When we arrived on Kaliurang street, we just need to take a straight road. It’s very far from Yogyakarta city, getting you up, increasingly you will feel the cold air. And after we arrived in Kaliurang tourist area, we charged in-but I forgot how much it is-. My advice : Don’t Forget to Fulfill Your Fuel Transportation Because There’s No Gas Station in Kaliurang Tourist Area !
Well, anyway, everyone was happy after we arrived there. Water for bathing is such as Ice Water ! So cold, but so refreshing. And here are some my vacation photos :

Sister Shinta worked the camera for my snap-happy =) I love taking picture another object rather than myself 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One of picture that there’s BRI rented is a very beautiful place. Look at that ! It can be a very comfort place to spread the mat and relax while enjoying the delicious food with our family or our couple ^.^ But, unfortunately this place is rented. There’s fence so we can’t go there 😦

And there was a kid, his name is Dilan. He’s my Father’s friend’s son. He’s very naugthy, he was running all of time and he wasn’t scare to fight with a kid older than him. But, he’s very cute ! He’s very shy in front of girls, including me and my sister ^.^ He was like “Don’t.. please don’t take my picture..”
He’s a very cute little boy =)

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