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Jamus Tea Farm in Ngawi

Actually this trip experience had been 1 year ago. I know its long overdue but there’s no late to write it down, isn’t it ? 😉

My family started to living in Ngawi since I was at 1st grade in High School, but I could go to the Jamus Tea Farm after 5,5 years since I live in Ngawi (what?). The way to go there is not horrible because there’s no truck, huge bus, and everything. The road is fairly quiet, so you can speed your motorcycle. It’s better going there by motorcycle instead of going by a car. It took approximately 30 minutes. In the middle of the trip, Arin, Melta, Isna, and I stopped to enjoying our favourite food, BAKSO (Meatball Soup) 🙂 Hmm… Nyummy… We decided to eat before so we had enough energy to wander around in Jamus. After that, we continued our trip to Jamus Tea Farm. You will be charged Rp 3.000,00. But I don’t know how much it costs now.

From left to the right : Isna, Melta, and Arin


It was saddening because you could find easily many couples who was dating furtively in arounds (Iuhh). There’s some polices, but they were in the bottom of the hill. I think they know, but they let the couple date in Tea Farm. They bother the wonderful view of Jamus Tea Farm. My friend, Melta, annoyed them by taking the picture near of them for a long time 😛 Good job, friend ! 😀


When we went home, we stopped for a while in front of artificial waterfall to took some photos


Melta 🙂


Isna, Arin, and Melta

Big Thanks to Arin, Isna, and Melta for an amazing adventure in Jamus Tea Farm. Hope there will be the next adventure again. Thank u guys, Love u 🙂


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